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**NOTE: w/OHSC means it comes with the "original hardshell case"
Picture Item Description Sales Price

Specialty Guitars

  One-of-a-kind Fender Custom Shop RASI I 2000 Stratocaster. Made for Rasi Iof Long Beach Dub All Stars. Autographed by him too!! Bought by us whenthey were passing thru town. Call for $ and details
  1992 Fender Strat, Cream, autographed by Rick Derringer $$CALL OR EMAIL
  1997 Epiphone ED100, autographed by Pam Tillis, Carleen Carter, & Lori Morgan $500


1946 ES300.Gibson's first year production electric Spanish guitar! Beat, but it's still good. Script logo. call for details. 888-355-4101, ask for Elvis. Not $3000. Call
  1972 Gretch Country Club. No feedback. %100 straight. Flat neck. Kermit the frog case. $1600
  55 Gretch New Yorker. 6050 Arch Top. Sunburst. Lightning head stock. New case. Straight neck. $600


1995 G&L Legacy Strat Sunburst w/original case $575
1959 Fender Double-8 Steel guitar w/ 3 legs. Origianl Tweed Case $1800
1973 Fender Strat Olympic White- Nice Refin done in the 80's otherwise all original. Maple board Good condition. w/ohsc $1499
62 Fender Jaguar. 1st year. All orig. $2000


1999 Les Paul Classic Premium plus. 1960 reissue. Beautiful trans red overflametop. . Near mint - barely used. The pictures don't do it justice!!! w/ohsc $1800

Misc. Electrics

Remember, this is only a partial listing. We've always got a ton of used Strats and Teles. All you got to do is ask. 
Early 1980's BC Rich Eagle With deluxe electronics, curly maple, cloud inlays on board. w/original case $1499
1994 Benedict Hollow Danelectro-style. P-90s Cool Maple Top. Handmade in Minnesota. W/Bag $625
1981 Hamer Special Trans-red Maple top W/case $799
1965 Guild Starfire Sunburst w/trem. $899
1962 Gretsch Clipper Sunburst, Single Filtertron $850
1963-4 Danelctro Pro 1. Bowtie Body, V-guard. Copper. This is the coolest ever!! Only made for 1 year. $499
G&L Legacy Strat-style. Black with toroise guard. 3 single coils. A realhigh quality instrument at a cheep price! Excellent condition with case. $575
50's Silvertone Danelectro. copper finish. WORN OUT but still plays and sounds good. $call$


Tobias Renegade 5 string 2 pickups, lightweight and punchy as hell w/ Tobias Bag $899
1966 Epiphone Embassy Bass Bat wing headstock Great condition w/ original case!! $999
LEFT HANDED? PLAY BASS? Look no further! We have a 1980 SD Curlee lefty bass. It sports TWO P-style pickups and a badass bridge. Natural finish and a Fine hardshell case. ONLY $449

82 Gibson RD Artist. (Research and Development) Built in compressor by Moog. the most ornate inlayed headstock you've ever seen! 3 different colors.

Books for $850, only $650 here!

1971 Gretch Bass. Hollowbody with painted f holes. still has the big pad on the back. $1,200
Mid 80's BC Rich Ironbird custom built for "Lisa." This guitar means it. $650
Late '60's Mosrite Bass. Hollowbody. Bart Simpson tuners and headstock. COWABUNGA! $1,300
1976 Fender P-Bass. Rare fretless maple neck! w/Fender case s/nS7650964 $599

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