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Biography of Tomo Geshe Rinpoche, female incarnation Lama Ngawang Chodon

Rinpoche is a guru of the Gelug lineage tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. As an American and Tibetan simultaneously, they are able to bring the tradition into sharp focus by the rich array of techniques for training students and teaching authentically in the old way of Tibet when the Lama healers were used as a profound doorway to the enlightened state. In addition, the ability to communicate clearly using American cultural context brings a warmth to the experience of inner and outer transmission.

Rinpoche has accomplished the retreats and training in the tradition manner and has taught for many years. The Blue Healing Light is a personal teaching that is now being given more openly. The inner healings that you are able to experience will permit you a glimpse of the inner world of the Lama healer that sees the healing process of the individual to be primary.

Rinpoche will be in the Bay Area for one month and will also be available for healings or private consultations and is actively seeking donations for the White Conch retreat center in the US, perhaps in the Bay area. Donations are requested for the project and for Rinpoche's support.