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Thu, 02 Nov 2006

Pumpkin season

A day's thaw
only the torsos of snowmen remain

Thu, 16 Feb 2006

Before the storm, and after

  1. Bands of frost obscure the moon
    one after another

  2. A frisson of awe
    Nature's power triumphant:
    The malls have shut down.

Thu, 17 Nov 2005

November proceedeth

Last week, my coat first felt the air
Today I want long underwear.

Thu, 10 Nov 2005

At a bus stop in November

My apartment was warm this morning
so deceptive

Mon, 25 Jul 2005

On a stopped bus in July

Outside, a cooling wind
and lightning

Mon, 19 Jul 2004

Procrastination vs. ophthalmology

Many things are far
Why did no one tell me this?
I like the far things.

Wed, 10 Dec 2003

Telephony vs. public transportation

He knows the route well
Still, I would not drive a bus
with cell phone in hand

Sat, 06 Dec 2003

Summer vs. public transportation

Eighty-five degrees
Door to stop in two minutes
I need a new shirt

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