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Partners in Domestic Preparedness

Marge Sutinen and Marla Shoop Johnson, CET has been providing education and training on health, safety and environmental issues in the community and workplace for over 25 years. We offer ways to assist our community and your organization in domestic preparedness, emergency management and basic awareness of emergency response procedures. We provide information that can be combined in a variety of ways to meet audience needs and variable time constraints. With accurate information and training people can make rational decisions regarding their health and safety and the safety of others.

This partnership in training and education will provide the facts on bioterrorism, domestic preparedness and give individuals step-by-step ways to protect themselves and the community. Emergency responders around the country are receiving special training to prepare them to respond to such an attack. But what about you, an everyday American who works in a place where you might be the first to observe the signs of a terrorist attack?

Join the Partnership – Workplace Preparedness

Are people you know worried about the threat of a terrorist attack? Do you know how to address these fears? Are you prepared to respond quickly and correctly during an emergency? As with any safety issue - education and training is the key. It is critical that people’s concerns and fears be addressed with accurate information. Marla Shoop Johnson, CET and Marge Sutinen can offer you help in meeting this need.

Domestic Preparedness is a broad term now being used to describe our ability to respond at many different levels to a terrorist threat within this country. It includes the public and private citizen - specific employees who may have more potential for exposure such as mailroom workers – and frontline emergency responders. Trainings can be developed to address each group’s unique needs, designed around very specific emergency procedures.

One example of an awareness course that is available is:

Employee Awareness

Target Audience may include: security guards, cleaning staff, ticket takers, luggage handlers, 911operators, hospital support personnel, shopping mall employees, and similar employees at other public assembly facilities.

Course Objectives:

Course Content:

Other courses are available to meet the specific needs of the organization. These include: emergency procedures, critical incident reporting, medical, physical and environmental indications. The specific course outlines are available upon request.

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