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At present, I created this page(my first) in a computer class that I am taking called Computer Applications. Although simple, I hope this site informs you on hiking/backpacking wherever you may venture.

This past summer, I partook in a high country backpacking expedition in the Sangre de Cristo(Blood of Christ)Mountain Range in Northeastern New Mexico. The specific area was Philmont, perhaps the most famous and largest Boyscout ranch in the world. Although I used to be a member, I just had to pay the $8 fee to get registered again, but I am part of a coed Explorer Post in Dubuque, Iowa. Our trek consisted of two days spent for travelling(Amtrak), two days at Base Camp, and ten days spent backpacking about 72 miles. We participated in many outdoor activities such as homesteading, fur trading, rifle shooting, tomahawk throwing, pole and rock climbing. Philmont offers many programs for all areas. These include Calvacade(trek on horses), regular twelve-day expedition, Rayado which is a twenty-day expedition, four-week trail crew or Order of the Arrow trail crew(two-week), Mt. Men/Women for younger participants related to staff, and ranch hands which help for sixteen days. If you are 18, you can apply for a staff position at Philmont such as trek ranger, Rayado leader, or jobs at base camp. All of these activities are at elevations ranging from 6600'(Base Camp) to 12,441'(Mt. Baldy) and some of the most beautiful and magical country in the world.

From now until I visit Philmont again(hopefully the summer of 2000 on Rayado), I hope to acquire all of the necessary gear needed for a weekend backpacking trip. Because I already have most of the clothes, a pack, boots and socks, I am just going to purchase the necessary gear(that I had originally borrowed) or lighter versions. I hope to buy most of it in the winter so I can practice hike in my "nearby" parks! Here is my gear list that I am planning on bringing to Philmont in 2000.

As I have posted above, my weight for all of my personal gear and a two quarts of water will be about 368 ounces or 23 pounds. This is without food and group gear provided by Philmont. On my first trip, my personal gear was about 28.5 pounds and my total pack weight was 42 pounds(less as we ate food). Because I already have some gear, the approxiamated cost will be $400. That's all for now-I'll post revisions as they come!


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