This is the start to our 1999 CO-ED Philmont Expedition web page.


People In Our Group: (About Us)

Adam G. (Creator of Site)(Crew Leader)

Justin's Section (Created Himself)

Kyle S.

Amanda B.

Dan S.

Holly H.

Melissa R.

Adults: Scott G. (my dad); Mike J "Mr. Jay"; Jamie M.


About our Trek


Our Map/Itinerary w/ Links


Itinerary Links:

Day 1- Train

Day 2- Base Camp

Day 3- Lover's Leap

Day 4- Urraca Camp

Day 5- Bear Caves Camp

-Crater Lake Activities

Day 6&7- Beaubien

-Trail Work

-Chuck Wagon Dinner


Day 8- Crooked Creek Camp

Day 9- Clear Creek Camp

Day 10- Cypher's Mine Camp

Day 11- Cimmaroncito/Websters Park

Day 12- Tooth Ridge Camp

Day 13- Return to Base Camp

Day 14- Train Home


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